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Terit, munuke tulija!

That’s how we say
„Warm welcome!“
in Muhu’s dialect

Welcome to Muhu Brands webshop – a place where we have gathered all the best that Muhu has to offer!

But first, please stop for a moment. Just relax, breathe deeply in and out. Listen for a moment. Did you notice that time slowed down? This is Muhu! An island where time rests.

In our webshop, you find genuine handcrafted products from Muhu entrepreneurs and craftsmen. Every item in this shop carries the unique scent of Muhu, symbolizing the life-affirming spirit of the islanders.

So what exactly do we offer? Muhu embroidery? Absolutely! Honey harvested from the nature of Muhumaa? Definitely! Clothes designed by Muhu fashion designers? YES! And much, much more – we offer all the wonderful things that the people of Muhu create with their own hands and hearts.

Muhu Brands symbolizes the power of co-creating. We offer all Muhu entrepreneurs and craftsmen the opportunity to reach new customers with their original products all year round, both here and abroad.

By buying Muhu products, you support small entrepreneurs and contribute to fair domestic trade.

Muhu Brands

  • is open to all Muhu manufacturers and products (dear entrepreneur, please contact us!)
  • offers only genuine products from Muhu Island all year round
  • helps you find a unique gift, a product that comes from the original island of Muhu

PS! If you happen to be in Muhu, please visit us in the craft studio in the kindergarten building!

Why did we create Muhu Brands?

Life on the island is somewhat different from life on the mainland. A strong community, living in harmony with nature and an entrepreneurial mindset are very important to us. Living on the island, it quickly becomes clear that each of us is actually a craftsman – a blacksmith of our own happiness.

Living in Muhu, we meet everyday people and craftsmen with an entrepreneurial mind who create their products with heart and love their home island. However, as everyone on the island has to manage on their own, any additional service is very important to the members of our community and their families.

Creating the Muhu Brands webshop was motivated by the desire to support our sweet and hardworking Muhu residents. We established a year-round sales channel connecting all Muhu producers and craftsmen, which would enable them to reach new and more customers. We also want to share the uniqueness of Muhu with others. The work of the islanders does have its own special spirit and emotion.

The Muhu Brands webshop is bilingual, so that in addition to all our Estonian friends, also people from all over the world could buy Muhu’s products that are already familiar with their goodness or find new favourite products and brands.

Tõnis Hinnosaar

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