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  • Muhu Jäätise Wabrik

    Muhu Jäätise Wabrik (Muhu Ice Cream Factory) is a small business located on the Muhu island. It is like a one-man band because all of the activities are reliant on one man, whereas the success is up to the whole family. There are no major plans – the most important thing is that ice cream …

  • Muhurito

    Behind Muhurito is a young man from Muhu, Kaidar, a world traveller and a jack of all trades. Kaidar has been on-stage in Estonian theatres, taught English in Poland, managed a pub in Ireland and travelled in Asia with a home base in the jungle on a small island in Thailand. Love for Muhu island …

  • Muhulife – Agnes Kajander

    About me, in short – I have studied and graduated in the field of pre-school pedagogy and psychology; lived and worked in England and Belgium, been a teacher, an editor in the magazine Sensa, and the co-author for many Estonian magazines in the field of beauty, health, and wellness. Amongst other things, I have also …

  • Muhufitness – training is not about time lost, but time won!

    The brand Muhufitness was born in the autumn of 2016 and it is much more than just a brand or a company. It’s a lifestyle! Muhufitness has been behind creating gym workouts on Muhu island, additionally the company organizes Lego-car races. You may also notice a custom Muhufitness car roaming around the Muhu roads. Coach …

  • Ideafarm

    The creation story of Ideafarm goes back around 10 years, when the first products were born – elderflower and meadowsweet syrups. Currently, Ideafarm offers more than 100 farm products, including but not limited to different syrups, vinegars, drink bases, jams, and chocolates. During Christmas of 2019, Ideafarm set up the first winery in Saaremaa, where …

  • Awards for Muhu parish in 2021

    On 24th February 2022, a concert was held in celebration of the 104th Independence Day of the Republic of Estonia on the Muhu Liiva central square. As part of the celebration, Muhu parish gave out awards for the year 2021.   Muhu parish awards for 2021: Education award – Aare Kann Culture award – Kirsten …

  • Pille-Riin Luht – MuRu Craft

    The creator of the MuRu Craft brand, Pille-Riin Luht is from the beautiful Southern Estonian city of Võru. As she now has found her home on Muhu island, then the first part of the MuRu craft name is where these lovely places of Estonia meet. Pille-Riin’s biggest passion throughout her life has been handcrafting. When …

  • Triinu Traumann

    Triinu said the following about herself – Life has brought me to fabrics, over and over again. The brightest memories from my childhood are also tied to fabrics – like the sparkling fabrics I saw in a Russian shop and some dress fabric brought from Finland for my grandma a while back, which was never …

  • Muhu Liha Tulundusühistu / Muhu Meat Commercial Association gathers the lamb and cattle farmers of Muhu island

    We started working together out of practical necessity – to market the animals we’ve grown ourselves. The members of our association have lamb and cattle farms on the Muhu island. By now, we have good business partners on other Estonian western islands – Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Manija, Ruhnu, and Osmussaare. Our goal is to offer you …

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