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Book “Üle ajasilla Muhu Linnuse külla”



This book is about life in Muhu island Linnuse village at various stages of history, from the ancient struggle for freedom to the restoration of Estonia’s independence. What was life like in Linnuse village during the various regimes. Memories of the life of collective farmers and the childhood of their children, the joys and worries of the collective farm. Important topics are: deportation, formation of collective farms, construction of Väinatamm, historical monuments, World War I and II, educational life, cultural life etc. Linnuse village family stories from the soul lists of 1731 until the publication of household books in 1946.

The book contains a lot of pictures from the Tsarist era, the time of the Republic of Estonia and the time of collective farms. Book stories are based on the recollections of Meeta Mägi, a former resident of Linnus village, and her father, and the memories of author Silja Kuuse herself. Historical materials from the Internet and old newspapers have also been used.


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