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“I’m the guard here” sign



Please be aware of the wild boar! (Read that again.)
If your home is your castle, where the most precious treasures are kept – for Estonians this could mean a secret map with the best mushroom, berry and fishing spots – then a cute doggy, happily greeting all the guests, is not enough to protect your property. You need someone tougher. Someone no one wants to face.

A wild pig is exactly the home guard you need to present: a few hundred kilos of muscle strength, scary bristles and fangs that you definitely don’t want to feel on your skin. Oh, we have stories to tell about them… And even though our home guards are rather self-proclaimed and, frankly, tend to make us frown (because even the strongest islander’s strength ends at some point, when trying to fix the garden again.. and again.. and again), then at least we can be sure that our property is well kept from the bad guys.

Dimensions: 210mm x 100mm
Material: 5mm PVC


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