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Poetry photo book “Vaikiv valgus”



Ma hõiskan sala oma õhina õnneheina õilmetesse – this is a row from one poem from the book in your hands. Today there are no more secret whispers or singing to myself, today there’s public poetry for everyone to read. BY ME. Every word in this book is a part of MYSELF that I have shared with you. As my heart puts the words in a row, my hand writes them down. The biggest wind in my sails, the biggest rhymer and message composer is the NATURE around me and the TIME in which I live. This magical Estonian winter, unequalled summer, romantic spring and colourful autumn. This beauty around me makes my heart melt with happiness when I see it. These moments seen by my eyes and caught by my camera have been bound between the lines of my poems. You can decide which speaks to YOU before when you close the back cover of the book after reading and looking at the book.

My heart thanks you!

Hardcover, 83 pages, 2020a.

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