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Mohn Poppy Gin



Mohn Poppy, the genie of the island of Muhu, is made from rye spirit in a small batch of artisanal. The taste and aroma of the gin come from the hand-picked blue and green marjoram cones and the Muhu island’s poppy seeds.

In 1688, the island of Muhu was called Mohn Island, which in German meant poppy island. At that time, the island was covered with large poppy fields. Sleepy fishing villages, rotating mill-blades, houses with thatched roofs faded by the sun and wind, elk nesting in the forest, wild goats prick up their ears in the early morning meadow, and a hundred species of birds glide under the sky alternately in all seasons. On this rocky and windy little island, green junipers strike the sky everywhere, and in summer, bright red poppy fields embroidered with a pattern scream between them.
The Mohn Poppy genie is a hand-made capture of this enchanting landscape pattern. To embody this pattern in the gin’s taste, pairs of legs and arms have traveled across the island in all seasons, picking juniper berries and poppy seeds.

Uh, wow, that’s all in this bottle
burned honey went into chaos.
Come on end,
I’ll rush you to the mainland.

Country of origin: Estonia

Manufacturer: Moe OÜ – Moe Distillery
45% Vol. 70cl


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