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Muhu black bread (Muhu Leib) with seeds



Muhu black bread with seeds, famous classic most loved handmade bread from Muhu Island.

Best bread you can bake from rye flour leaven. Mild sweet taste, but well balanced flavours.

Ingredients: rye flour (of wich 50% whole grain flour), water, raw sugar demerara, seeds 7% (flaxseed, sunflowerseeds, flaxseeds), ground rye malt. seasalt, rapeoil, rape lecithin .  Made with fermented leaven, no added yeast.

Nutritional value in 100g : Energy 999kJ/237kcal. Fat 2,7g, of wich saturated fatty acids 0,22g; carbohydrates 51,4g, of wich sugars 9,4g; fibre 8,0g; protein 5,7g; salt 0,9g.


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