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Book MUHU KUNSTIS KUNST MUHUS (Muhu in Art. Art in Muhu)



Author: Reeli Kõiv

Design: Piia Stranberg

Publisher: Danisam OÜ, 2020

All rights reserved.


Hardcover, 160 pages, in Estonian

Dimensions: 220 × 260 mm (width × height)



This book, published to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Muhu rural municipality, features a selection of visual art inspired by Muhu – paintings, sculptures, and graphics – as well as the creative sites of the island and the works of art in the public space of Muhu.

The album covers a long stretch of time – from the thirteenth-century wall murals in St. Catherine’s Church to the twenty-first-century performance art of the students of the Academy of Arts.

Sorted by topics, the book showcases more than 50 works from 40 artists, including many significant figures of Estonian art history ‒ Paul Raud and Kristjan Raud, Ants Laikmaa and Oskar Kallis, Günther Reindorff and Evald Okas, Richard Sagrits and Richard Uutmaa, Vive Tolli and Evi Tihemets, Leili Muuga and Olga Terri, Peeter Ulas and Peeter Mudist, Valdemar Väli and Uno Roosvalt, Amandus Adamson and Aime Kuulbusch-Mölder, Urmas Viik and Karl-Kristjan Nagel, and others.

The accompanying texts to each piece, written by art researcher Reeli Kõiv, are based on the works of art themselves and help the viewer understand the art through a diverse selection of background information.

The publishing of the book was supported by the Saaremaa expert group of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Muhu rural municipality.

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